Patch Notes: Alpha 0.42d

Argon August 31, 2019 Patch Notes

Double Passive EXP and bonus Mystery Gift EXP from September 1st until September 4th. PvP Queue Events are now announced in Battle Post channels. These notifications will prioritize alerting servers with high PvE activity levels. In ]guild-options there is now the option to make PvP Queue notifications more frequent, or disable them completely. This […]

Patch Notes – Alpha 0.41d

Argon July 27, 2019 Patch Notes

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.41d Added an experimental API change that may or may not fix the shard disconnects over the past few months. Kudos to DSharpPlus contributors as always. The ]c-close command will now stop any battle whatsoever on a server channel, including PvP Queue battles. (A PvP Queue battle will still continue on the […]

Patch Notes – Alpha 0.41

Argon June 28, 2019 Patch Notes

*Mostly Moves and balancing this patch, been a while since I did one of these. Added the following Moves: [P] Rollout, Ice Ball, Gyro Ball, Weather Ball, Assurance, Noble Roar, Incinerate. *Expect tweaks for Rollout and Ice Ball, as these two moves will inherently be either broken or unusable at first. Pawniard, Rufflet, Vullaby and […]

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