UncategorizedPatch Notes: Alpha 0.47

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.47

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.47

Added the following Moves: Fire Spin, Infestation, Magma Storm.

Happy spookday.


‘Trapped’ status now additionally inflicts -1 Speed.

Lovely Kiss: Accuracy 75% -> 70%.

Belly Drum: Now subtracts a fixed -14 HP, previously -30% HP.

Agility, Autotomize: Cooldown 2 -> 1. (Tentative. Rock Polish stays at Cooldown 2 for now.)

Charge: No longer a Secret Action. No longer increases the user’s Ranged Defense.

Rest: No longer forces a minimum 2 turns of Sleep. Now inflicts a ‘normal’ Sleep status that can last between 1 and 3 turns.

Stored Power: Base Power +3 -> +2.5.
Electro Ball: Base Power +4 -> +3. Additional power cap raised to +12 (+15 max), previously +10 (+14 max).
Gyro Ball: Cooldown 4 -> 3


Various bugfixes and stability fixes, including the Ditto Pound parry bug.

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