Patch NotesPatch Notes: Alpha 0.46

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.46

Finally, A Dedicated Server

As of this very minute, PMDiscord is now running on dedicated hardware, paid for by incredibly generous Patrons over the year. This should mean fewer unannounced maintenances and better bot stability from here on. If you experience lag or other issues that you didn’t notice previously, please let me know.

New Command: ]pvp q <pkmn-name>. Swap PvP PKMN without losing your No-Switch Bonus in PvE.
New Command: ]c-pvpclose. Captain ranks and above can now force everyone out of a PvP Queue on a channel.


Fixed the PMDiscord website. (Awardspace have very helpful admins)
Fixed a bug that prevented PKMN from Guarding under certain circumstances.
Fixed various PvP Queue bugs.
Fixed issues with certain missing PKMN sprites.

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