Patch NotesPatch Notes: Alpha 0.45 – Cross Server PvP 2.0

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.45 – Cross Server PvP 2.0

This update has an early (and not fully tested) revamp of the Cross Server PvP Queue system, in an attempt to make the mode more popular and accessible.
To join a PvP Queue, just type ]pvp q. Got friends to queue with? Type ]pvp q in the same channel. It’s never been easier.

You can switch PKMN and even play PvE while queueing for PvP. The Queue will remember which PKMN you Queued with, leaving you free to train a different PKMN in other game modes. Note however that you won’t be pinged for matches if you are busy with another battle, only before and after.
You’ll remain in the queue until you leave manually or go afk. Simply use ]pvp l when you’re done playing.

*As mentioned, the new Queue is in an early state; both the matchmaking and the PvP rules may need to be ironed out over time. Any feedback is appreciated.

]guild-options now has an option to enable or disable Cross-Server PvP on your server. If PvP is ‘disabled’, players will be denied from Queueing anywhere except in ‘battle arena’ Areas.

You can now use ]profile <name/number> to view any of your Normal-Mode PKMN without switching to them.

New command: ]inspect. ]inspect replaces the old ]profile <player-name> command.


Minor bug and typo fixes across the board.

Alpha 0.45a

Increased PvP EXP payouts. (1v1 payouts were only slightly increased.)

Decreased PvP Event bonus.

Fixed a billion bugs.

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