Patch NotesPatch Notes: Alpha 0.44

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.44

Welcome to all the new players migrating over! This quality-of-life patch improves PvP, increases EXP rewards and gives some much needed adjustments to a number of attack moves.

Slightly decreased EXP penalty for fainted teammates in EX challenges.
Increased base PvP EXP rewards. Slightly reduced PvP Event multiplier.

* Maximum PvP EXP caps are unchanged. Previously, no-one would play PvP enough to ever reach the cap. This will be adjusted at a later time if required.

PvP Rebalance

First-turn rules have been updated.
Now, debuff moves can be used on opponents on the first turn, as well as most status moves. However, Status-Ailment-inflicting moves cannot be used on the first turn.

The health of the first-turn team is no longer reduced. The second-turn team gains 3 HP just like before.

Expect more updates for first-turn balancing, as we figure out what works and try to make future matches as even as possible.


Parries no longer reduce Engage or Retreat chances.

>99% engage/retreat chances are now rounded up to 100%. <1% engage/retreat chances are now rounded down to 0%.

Very slightly reduced the amount by which Speed influences Graze damage dealt.

Shell Smash: Now increases Speed +3 again, previously +2. Is no longer a Secret Action, again.
Venom Drench: Now decreases Speed -2 again, previously -1. Tentative.

Sucker Punch: Power +7.5 -> +8.5.
Phantom Force: Power +7 -> +8.
Bounce: Power +7.5 -> +8.
Pursuit: Power +3.5 -> +4.5.
Weather Ball: Power +6.5 -> +7. Tentative.
Cut: Power +5 -> +5.5.

Beat Up: Power +7 -> +6. No longer requires the user to be Engaged to receive power bonuses. The combined Attack stat of the team is now always rounded up.

Spider Web, Block, Mean Look: Can now be used without being Engaged with the target. Now Traps for 1 turn when not Engaged, or 3 turns when Engaged.

First Impression: Cooldown 8 -> 6. Power +9 -> +8.5.
Charge: Cooldown 2 -> 3.

Sleep Powder: Accuracy 75% -> 70%.

Metal Claw: Effect Chance 10% -> 20%.


The pmd.pmdterms command no longer requires you to register to the bot first. Big oversight to say the least.
Synchronoise now counts Immunity rules when used as a Parry.
Other minor fixes.

Alpha 0.44a

PvP rules no longer apply to PvE battles.
Beat Up now always has priority over other attack moves.
Block, Mean Look and Spider Web can no longer be aimed at PKMN who are not Engaged.
Shell Smash is now no longer a secret action as intended.

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