Patch NotesPatch Notes: Alpha 0.43

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.43

It’s been a while since the last ‘real’ update – and as one might expect, this update comes a small shift in focus.

Lots of you have been asking when you’ll be able to progress your characters far above the curve, gain powerful unique skills, and stand out among the typical challengers in PvE. Starting today, every PKMN has been given an otherworldly ability which completely breaks Mystery Dungeon lore enhances the Mystery Dungeon experience, making each player character stand out as unique and special. Simply use the new ‘Deviate’ ability in battle to unlock their full potential.

This is just the first step towards making PMDiscord the true overpowered isekai fantasy that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was always meant to be. Future planned updates will include ‘hackmon’ movesets, the ability to skip to level 120 at will, and dating sims for all three Team Charm members. As always, thanks for sticking around – the wait will be worth it, I promise.

New Move Added: Automotize.

PvP Bonus events are now more infrequent, but last longer.

Mind Blown can no longer be used to Parry.

API updated, fewer shard disconnects.

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