Patch NotesPatch Notes: Alpha 0.42d

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.42d

Double Passive EXP and bonus Mystery Gift EXP from September 1st until September 4th.

PvP Queue Events are now announced in Battle Post channels. These notifications will prioritize alerting servers with high PvE activity levels.

In ]guild-options there is now the option to make PvP Queue notifications more frequent, or disable them completely.

This feature is currently unpolished, but you can set the new Area ]m-area add battle-arena to make all PvP Queue notifications appear in one channel, separate from PvE Channels.

* If you simply wish to disable PvP Queue notifications in your server without digging through menus, type ]guild-options PvPNotifications off.


Protection Moves can no longer be used on consecutive turns. This affects Protect, Detect, Spiky Shield, King’s Shield, Fly, Dive, Dig, Bounce and Phantom Force.
(The ‘attacking’ part of Fly (and similar Moves) do not count as Protection moves. Using Fly -> Fly’s attack -> Protect is allowed, but using Protect -> Fly is not allowed.)

Aqua Ring – No longer stacks.
Wish – No longer has a ‘nearby’ requirement. No longer has -1 Cooldown when used on teammates.

Solar Beam, Solar Blade – ‘Solar Energy’ Status now provides +2 Melee and Ranged Defense until spent. Previously +1 Melee and Ranged Defense.
Rollout, Ice Ball – ‘Rolling’ Status now provides +1 Melee Defense per successful hit, up to a maximum of +4 Melee Defense.


Fixed a server-side bug.

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.42e


Damage-over-time Status Ailments now prevent Passive Healing. This should make Poison and Burning, and Ailment Healing Moves more impactful than before.
*If the damage-over-time is negated by healing-over-time effects (E.g. Sleep, Aqua Ring, Ingrain), the PKMN will still gain passive healing.

Purify – Now heals 3 HP per status cured, up to a maximum of 9 HP. Previously always healed 5 HP. Let’s try this instead.
Taunt – Cooldown 1 -> 2.


Fixed a bug where PKMN still gained additional Passive Healing when Guarded by a teammate.
Attempted to fix a silent crash bug.
Other minor changes and fixes.

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.42f

Attempted to fix that crash bug again.
Fixed a bug where Dream Eater could heal for more than 25% dealt damage if it KO’ed a target.

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.42g

Quick maintenance patch. Very minor fixes.


Crunch – Effect Chance 20% -> 10%.
Ember, Thunder Shock, Fairy Wind – Power +4 -> +4.5.

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