Patch NotesPatch Notes – Alpha 0.41d

Patch Notes – Alpha 0.41d

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.41d

Added an experimental API change that may or may not fix the shard disconnects over the past few months. Kudos to DSharpPlus contributors as always.

The ]c-close command will now stop any battle whatsoever on a server channel, including PvP Queue battles. (A PvP Queue battle will still continue on the other team’s channel, but the quitting team’s turns will be skipped until the battle ends.)

The Training Dummy no longer has an Engage Bonus on the first turn.

Updated some Move descriptions to use percent values more consistently.

Halved the Passive EXP reward threshold. The vast majority of players would never come close to reaching the old threshold, so this change should only affect a small number of highly-active Discord users.


Stat Penalties for Intercepting and Bracing now cap at -8, previously -6.

Counter, Mirror Coat – Now reflects attacks with +25% Power, previously +33% Power.

Mud Slap – Power +4 -> +5.
Extreme Speed – Power +9 -> +8.5.
Gunk Shot – Power +11 -> +10.5.

Outrage, Thrash, Petal Dance – Accuracy 100% -> 95%.
Stone Edge, Cross Chop, Fire Blast – Accuracy 85% -> 80%.
Bone Rush, Tail Slap – Accuracy 95% -> 90%.


Attempted to fix a bug where the ‘Flinch’ Status Ailment would not activate if it was inflicted during the affected PKMN’s turn.
Fixed a bug where ‘Me First’ could awaken Sleeping PKMN even if the Move failed.
Fixed a bug where ‘Pain Split’ would not prompt the targeted teammate for permission if they have more Health than the user.
Fixed a bug where Counter and Mirror Coat could still deal a Critical Hit.
Various minor fixes.

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