Patch NotesPatch Notes – Alpha 0.41

Patch Notes – Alpha 0.41

*Mostly Moves and balancing this patch, been a while since I did one of these.

Added the following Moves: [P] Rollout, Ice Ball, Gyro Ball, Weather Ball, Assurance, Noble Roar, Incinerate.
*Expect tweaks for Rollout and Ice Ball, as these two moves will inherently be either broken or unusable at first.

Pawniard, Rufflet, Vullaby and Larvesta now Evolve at level 25, previously 30.

Greatly increased the frequency of easier challenges on more active servers.

Reduced the cooldown time for accepting new PvE challenges.

Greatly reduced the cooldown time for ditching a PvP Queue match.

Some minor AI changes and logic fixes. Most notably, they should respect Thrash and Outrage now, and no longer spam retreats against slower PKMN while Ranged Moves are available.

Some tooltips fixed.

Balance (And general Move changes)

Parry effectiveness is now increased by a Move’s Effect Chance and Engage/Retreat Bonus. This change should help even out the usefulness of Moves with additional effects, and lessen having to rely on high-Power moves for Parry efficiency. The exact numbers are as shown below:

Effect Chance | Parry Power 
0%-10%        | +0          
20%           | +0.25
30%           | +0.75
40%           | +1.25
50%-60%       | +1.5
70%-80%       | +1.75
90%-100%      | +2
Engage/Retreat Chance | Parry Power
 Normal               | +0
'Reduced'             | +0
'Increased'           | +0.5
'Greatly Increased'   | +1

Parry effectiveness for normal Moves have been globally reduced by 0.25, in addition to the above.

Parry effectiveness for Fixed Damage attacks now also factors the Move’s Cooldown.

Parry effectiveness is no longer rounded to a whole number before subtracting from the total damage dealt.

The ‘Confusion’ Status Ailment now deals between 1 and 5 self-damage, depending on the Confused PKMN’s current Melee Attack Stat Boosts.
(Additionally fixed a description stating its 25% self-damage chance was actually 20%.)

The ‘Confusion’ Status Ailment can no longer deal self-damage during attacks that hit on the opponent’s turn (such as Counter and Mirror Coat).

In addition to balance changes, several Moves have been updated with quality-of-life changes and previously-missing effects.

Pain Split – Must now be confirmed by an ally if used to steal health.

Roost – Now applies a ‘Roosting’ Status Ailment for the turn, changing the User’s Flying Type (if present) to Normal until the start of next turn.

Focus Energy – Now refreshes the duration instead of failing if the user already has Focus Energy active.

Mirror Coat, Counter – Parries can no longer be used during these Moves. The user can no longer Evade an attack that would otherwise be reflected successfully.

Electro Ball – Power +5-15 -> +4-14. No longer counts the Speed bonuses gained from uneven PvE Team opponents. (The same is true for Gyro Ball.)

Conversion – Cooldown 0 -> 1. Now temporarily increases the user’s Melee Attack +1, Melee Defense +1, Ranged Attack +1, Ranged Defense +1, Speed +1.

Pursuit – Cooldown 2 -> 3. Power +3 -> +3.5. This change intends to make Pursuit more useful for utility over damage.

Spotlight – Cooldown 2 -> 4. Can now target teammates. Can no longer target the user.

Defense Curl – No longer gives a Defense Stat Boost. Cooldown 0 -> 2. The ‘Curling’ Status Ailment it applies now increases Melee Defense +1, Ranged Defense +1 for 6 turns. Now boosts Speed +1 each time Rollout or Ice Ball hits a target without Grazing.

Spit Up, Swallow – Cooldown 3 -> 2.

Seismic Toss, Night Shade – Now deals 1½ + 1/10 of the user’s Max HP as Fixed Damage. Previously 0 + 1/9 Max HP.

Ingrain – On-Use healing reduced to 2 HP, previously 3 HP. I didn’t think it needed the buff before, it certainly doesn’t now.

Blizzard – Power +9.5 -> +10. Accuracy 75% -> 70%.

Leaf Tornado – Power +7.5 -> +8.5.

Eerie Impulse – Cooldown 2 -> 1.

Outrage, Thrash and Petal Dance have had their Power corrected to +9.5 as stated last patch.


Fixed a bug where an attacker who was Flinching would not Engage or Retreat from a Bracing target.
Fixed a bug/exploit where a Sleeping target would not awaken when hit by a Fixed Damage Move. The ones who didn’t report this know who they are. 🙁
Fixed a bug where Electro Ball’s speed difference calculation would be slightly incorrect.
Hard-Boiled is no longer a Secret Action.
Fixed a bug where Follow Me, Rage Powder and Spotlight would not adjust Same-Target-Attack-Scaling correctly.

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.41a

Tweaked the AI to be less eager to Brace every attack in sight.
Some typo fixes.

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.41b

Added the following Move: Mind Reader.
*Its text is identical to Lock-On, this will be changed at a later date.

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