Patch NotesPatch Notes: Alpha 0.40 – Form-Changing Abilities Added

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.40 – Form-Changing Abilities Added

By popular request, the Abilities which alter a PKMN’s Form (excluding those that add stats or have bonuses) have been included in the game. This includes:

Aegislash – Stance Change – Changes to Sword Forme the turn after using an Attack Move. Changes to Shield Forme the turn after using King’s Shield.
Wishiwashi – Schooling – changes to School Forme when health falls below 100%. Returns to Solo Forme when health falls below 33%. Requires a Level of 20 or above.
Darmanitan – Zen Mode – Activates Zen Mode when below 50% Health.
Castform – Forecast – Changes Forme and Type depending on the current Weather.

Introducing shorthand commands

During a battle, you can now specify Moves with the shorthand commands ]1 through ]6. Each number corresponds to a Move in your PKMN’s move list, in the order they are added.

To aim an attack, type the letter directly after the move number. E.g. ]1d.

If you’re on mobile but like using the ‘old’ shorthand commands, they’ll now work even if your keyboard inserts a space after the prefix. (e.g. . quick )

Two more wandering Teams (6 and 4) are on the lookout for challengers!** Also by popular request. The first of these will be especially active for a limited time.

New command: ]c-decline declines a PvE challenge. Requires Captain permissions or higher.

EXP rewards from 2*-4* PvE Challenges have been rebalanced. Their payouts are no longer based purely on their star rating. Larger teams will reward more EXP than previously, while smaller teams will reward less EXP. with larger payouts being given for fighting larger teams of opponents. Special Teams have the same EXP payout as before.

Dusk Lycanroc and Midnight Lycanroc now have their correct Egg and Tutor Moves. Thanks to Zev, Meris and Kimchi.

Increased the timer for Retaliation phases from 30s to 35s.

‘Normal’ CPUs are now considered Level 5, lowered from Level 10.

2v1, 3v2 and 3v1 PvE battles have been made slightly more challenging.

‘Tutorial’ battles have been made slightly easier.

]mysterygift novote no longer gives consecutive bonuses (but will still maintain your bonus for the next time you vote). I said I would do this months ago but this time I actually did it.


The 2nd-turn Team in a PKMN Battle, now has Engage Bonus status during the first turn. This change dampens the effectiveness of Ranged Attacks used on the first turn, before the opponent has been given a chance to Hide or Engage.

Parries now have a hidden +5% success chance. This makes it impossible for a 95% Accuracy Move to fail when used as a Parry.

Hiding now heals a flat amount of 1 HP per turn. It no longer heals 2 HP per turn when below 50% health.

Healing amounts of most 3-Cooldown and 4-Cooldown Healing Moves reduced by 0.25.

Mimic – Duration reduced to 5 turns, previously 6.

Counter, Mirror Coat – Now receives attacks at 50% Power and returns them at 133% Power. Previously 67% and 133%.

Outrage, Thrash, Petal Dance – These Moves can no longer Engage or Retreat, even when they do not Graze the target. Power +10 -> +9.5. Now gains +1 Power per consecutive use.

Pursuit – See Bugs. Will see about toning this move down some more after the fixed version of it is tested.

Stun Spore – Cooldown 2 -> 1. Accuracy 75% -> 70%. Tentative.
Rock Climb – Cooldown 2 -> 3. Power +8 -> +9.
Zap Cannon – Power +12 -> +11.5. Closer in line with Inferno.
Submission – Accuracy 80% -> 75%.
Dragon Tail, Circle Throw – Power +7 -> +6.5. With the recent Retreat Bonus changes, these Moves are stronger than they were previously.
Rage – Power +2.5 -> +3. Still needs a proper rework.


Fixed a bug where Pursuit would negate a target’s Retreat Bonus twice, resulting in a +25% higher Engage Chance than intended.
Movesets no longer shuffle their order in the middle of a Battle. Porygon players rejoice.
Fixed a bug where Outrage, Thrash and Petal Dance would not end if the user was prevented from using the Move, e.g. because they were Frozen.
Fixed a bug where Me First could copy a target’s move even if they were incapacitated (e.g. while Recharging from Hyper Beam).
Fixed a bug where, during Sunny Weather, a ‘this target cannot be Frozen’ message could trigger when a Freeze-inflicting attack was used as a Parry.
Fixed a bug where Synthesis and Moonlight healed for slightly less than intended when under Sunny weather.
Fixed a bug where Heal Pulse and Floral Healing healed for slightly more than intended. They now have the same scaling as other 3-Cooldown Healing Moves.
Fixed a bug where King’s Shield would reduce an attacker’s Melee Attack by -3 instead of -2.
The ]hatch command can no longer be used in ‘Planning Room’ Areas.
Even more minor bugs fixed.
Some typos and ‘broken’ emojis fixed (but not all). Discord client changes affected the way they are displayed.

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.40a

Fixed a bug where ‘declined’ PvE challenges would still send ‘challenge expired’ messages after 20 minutes.
Fixed a typo with Castform’s transformations.
Other minor fixes.

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