Month: June 2019

Patch Notes – Alpha 0.41

Argon June 28, 2019 Patch Notes

*Mostly Moves and balancing this patch, been a while since I did one of these. Added the following Moves: [P] Rollout, Ice Ball, Gyro Ball, Weather Ball, Assurance, Noble Roar, Incinerate. *Expect tweaks for Rollout and Ice Ball, as these two moves will inherently be either broken or unusable at first. Pawniard, Rufflet, Vullaby and […]

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.40 – Form-Changing Abilities Added

Argon June 18, 2019 Patch Notes

By popular request, the Abilities which alter a PKMN’s Form (excluding those that add stats or have bonuses) have been included in the game. This includes: Aegislash – Stance Change – Changes to Sword Forme the turn after using an Attack Move. Changes to Shield Forme the turn after using King’s Shield. Wishiwashi – Schooling […]

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