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Patch Notes: Alpha 0.09

New command: ]pkmn
. Finally, You can now customize your PKMN’s Nature. Natures increase one stat +1, and decrease another stat -1. Some Natures also increase or decrease a PKMN’s Health. * Currently, this is the only new feature available to customize — future updates will add more to the list, with Nickname changes hopefully coming next.

Battle messages have been updated to better show when a PKMN is “immune” to an attack. Increased the Credits payout for 2* and 4* PvE Challenges.(edited)


There is now a Speed -1 penalty for failing to Intercept an attack. Hopefully this should encourage players to rely more on Hiding instead of sheer luck, especially when they are matched against faster PKMN.

Base Health values have been adjusted according to the following: Tiny PKMN, Health +2. Medium and Large PKMN, Health -1. Small and Enormous PKMN have the same Health values as before.

The Evasion multiplier has been reduced by ~6%, to reflect the Tiny PKMN buff above.

Buffed Legendary PKMN stats.

Decreased(?!) the multipliers on Type Weaknesses and Resistances by ~17%. Additive bonuses and ‘Immune’ multipliers remain the same.

The damage formula has been slightly adjusted, with most moves being slightly weaker than they were before. To offset this, PKMN now deal +1 Damage when their Health is below half. This is both a comeback mechanic, and an indirect buff to the Defense stat.

Adjusted the Move priority again: Team/Self Status Moves > Attack Moves > Offensive Status Moves > Secret Actions.

Swallow now heals 6 HP per Stockpile, down from 7 HP.

Spit Up now has 10/17/24 Power, down from 10/18/25 Power.

Venoshock now has 10 Power when used on a Poisoned target, and 13 Power when used on a target who is both Poisoned and Badly Poisoned. Previously, it had 12 Power when used on a Poisoned target.

Dragon Rage now deals 8 Fixed Damage, up from 7.

Sonic Boom now deals 6 Fixed Damage, up from 5.

Growth has had its Size buff duration increased to 5 turns, up from 4.

Slightly increased the chance for the Freeze status to thaw.

Some Environment objects have had slight Health and Defense changes.



Fixed a bug where sometimes the effect of Charge would not activate.

Fixed a bug that prevented some PKMN Forms from being viewed using the ]dex command.

Fixed a major bug where CPU PKMN would try to Intercept at all of the times it shouldn’t (e.g. when a teammate is immune to an attack), and vice versa. PvE Challenges will likely be a bit harder because of this.

Fixed a bug where some Moves, such as Synchronoise, would still deal a small amount of damage to invalid targets.

The minimum damage on multi-hitting Moves now works correctly in all cases.

CPU PKMN will no longer use Heal Pulse on the opposite team.

Superpower now applies the correct debuffs after use.

Most likely fixed an issue where it was possible to have more than 3 players participate in a PvE challenge.

Hopefully fixed the fainted-meatshield bug once and for all.

Some back-end stability updates.

More tooltips updated/fixed.



Patch Notes: Alpha 0.09a

Fixed several Natures which were providing the wrong Stats. If you had chosen one of these erroneous Natures for your PKMN, it should now be replaced with the correct matching Nature for the stats it gave. Everyone who purchased Natures before this patch has been refunded up to 40 Credits.

The following Natures now have a -1 HP penalty: Bold, Calm, Impish, Careful.

Fixed a bug where PKMN did not Flinch after their Cover was destroyed.

Fixed a bug where PKMN would incorrectly have their Speed reduced by 2 when failing an Intercept. It should now correctly reduce speed by 1.

More tooltip and typo fixes.

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