Patch NotesPatch Notes: Alpha 0.08d

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.08d

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.08d

Challenges now remain open after someone quits them. If everyone leaves the battle after a Challenge starts, it will still count as a loss.

New command: ]hp now shows the Health of all PKMN currently in a battle.

New command: ]botinvite provides a direct link to invite PMDiscord to your own server.

Per request, ]m now shows the compact Moves list by default in a battle.  You can now use ]detailedmoves or ]dm to show the old, complete list.

]pkmn command updated to be more compact.

]dex command updated to be more informative at a glance.

Rotom’s alternate forms can now be selected with the ]hatch command.

The AI is now slightly more aggressive, again.

Countermeasures have been added to limit players sending commands too quickly during a battle. This will be made more robust in the next few patches.


Following after the Speed Stat update, Attack and Defense stats now have a soft-cap. PKMN with insanely high Attack and Defense stats will see a small nerf in their effectiveness. This is to help improve the value and impact of PKMN with more well-rounded stats.

The Accuracy and Evasion formulas have been completely reworked. They are now more percentage-based than addition-based. High-evasion PKMN should now get more mileage out of dodging high-accuracy moves, while low-evasion PKMN won’t be punished as heavily by low-accuracy moves.

Like in the original PMD games, Type Immunities no longer give 100% damage resistance. Instead, they will resist approximately 80% of the damage they would have taken (before Attack/Defense calculations), and ignore any additional effects. Status Moves will have no effect on Immune PKMN, just like before. ‘Fixed Damage’ Moves will now always deal 1 damage to Immune PKMN.

Type Weaknesses and Resistances have had their formulas adjusted, and should feel a little more consistent.

Ranged attacks will now always Graze at close range. They can still be used to force an opponent to Retreat, however. The Speed Stat’s influence on Graze Damage has been reduced another 5%. There is now a smaller Defense penalty for Retreating. Previously -2, now -1.

Toxic now deals 1 damage on the first turn, and gradually builds to a maximum of 3 damage per turn. It now lasts 7 turns, down from 8. This change should help define its use as a sustained damage attack, and remove cases where it would rather be used for a low-health KO. Poison and Burning now lasts 7 turns, down from 8. Sleeping PKMN will now awaken after being targeted with any move, including status moves. Paralyze’s stun effect can now only trigger once, at a 25% chance per turn.(edited)

Screech and Metal Sound have had their Cooldown increased to 1, previously 0.

“20 PP” Status Moves have had their Cooldowns restored to 1, previously 2. This nerf hurt a lot of powerful status moves a little too much, and also prevented a couple from working as they should.

Focus Energy now lasts 4 turns, up from 3. Its Critical bonus chance has been increased.

Double Team now gives +3 Evasion, up from +2.

Seismic Toss and Night Shade now deal 1/9th of the user’s Max HP as damage, up from 1/10th.

Rage now has the potential to give larger Melee Attack bonuses with successive hits.

Magnitude has had its Power slightly reduced to be in line with other AoE Moves.

Belly Drum now costs 40% HP to use, reduced from 50%.

Boomburst has had its Power reduced to 11, down from 12.


Fixed a bug where Moderator Commands did not function correctly.

Fixed a bug where the amount healed from health-draining Moves was rounded incorrectly.

Fixed a bug where during battles, the bot would sometimes read Move commands incorrectly when used as Counters.

Fixed a bug where Toxic + Poison would deal 6 damage instead of 4 damage when stacked in a certain order.

Fixed a bug where Sleeping PKMN sometimes did not wake up after being hit.

Fixed the move Synchronoise, again. It should only deal damage to the correct targets this time.

Fixed a bug where higher-difficulty PvE challenges would sometimes spawn with less team members than intended. Fixed a bug where fainted PKMN could remain Engaged with their opponents indefinitely, if they were KO’d by a status condition. Fixed a rare bug where a player’s PKMN could have more than one of the same Move. Fixed several tooltips.


Patch Notes: Alpha 0.08e

Slightly tweaked the ]dex command for more clarity.

]dex now shows a PKMN’s default form by… well, default.

Fixed a bug where ]dex
would rarely cause a database error.

Fixed a bug which prevented certain PKMN from being Hatched in their default forms, most notably Rotom.

]moveset should no longer show broken links when Embeds are disabled.

More tooltip fixes.


Patch Notes: Alpha 0.08f

Reduced ATK/DEF damage scaling by about 9%.

Multi-hitting Moves now deal a minimum of 1 damage per hit (unless they are Countered).

Fixed a bug where sometimes the Poison status would disappear when stacked with Toxic.

Belly Drum now correctly requires 40% health to use, instead of 50%.

has been fixed.

Shedinja’s Health should now gain level-up health stats like other PKMN do.

Fixed a bug where some default PKMN forms could not be hatched, namely Rotom.

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.08g

Added the following moves: Superpower, Heal Pulse.

Minor AI tweaks, and several AI movesets changed and updated. There is now a 10 minute cooldown on Hatching PKMN. This is solely to help out a few players who would hatch 5-10 PKMN in a row without battling as any of them… New command:

]newservermessage re-sends the welcome message that PMDiscord creates upon joining a server.

The ]refresh command is no longer available, since the bugs associated with it have been fixed.

Nerfed Credit payouts on higher-difficulty PvE Challenges. Very slightly nerfed EXP payouts for mid-difficulty PvE Challenges.

PvE Challenges now reward 5 less EXP if a player’s PKMN faints in battle. Self-damaging moves should now have a little more risk to them, and there’s now more incentive to keep your teammates safe for a round.

Slightly reduced the Attack/Defense soft-cap scaling.


The chances for Retreating with Ranged Attacks has been drastically changed. The chance is now considerably lower unless using a high-Power move to escape.

Reduced the Speed stat’s impact on Graze damage by ~7%, again.

Slightly increased damage downscaling for when 3+ PKMN attack a single target in the same turn.


Fixed the Battle Images. PMDiscord now uses Imagesharp as its image-processing library of choice. Letters should be more readable now, and the ‘white healthbar’ glitch should be fixed for good.

and ]profile
have been fixed.

Corrected most, if not all, of the errors when typing a specific PKMN name for ]dex, ]hatch, etc.

]hatch no longer lists typo’d PKMN names as being unavailable to play.

and ]moveset set no longer allow several of the same Move to be added to a Moveset.

Fixed the turn order to work as intended, again. Hopefully.

Most likely fixed the bug with missing PKMN in PvE Challenge teams.

Dream Eater can no longer be Countered or Intercepted.

More tooltip updates and typo fixes.

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