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Patch Notes: Alpha 0.08

Fixed the refresh bug. You should never find yourself locked out of your account anymore.
The ]refresh command shall remain for a while longer, just in case there was any other facet I missed.
Drastic changes have been made to Engage chances. Both Attack Power and Speed differences now have a soft-cap during calculations. This should prevent slower PKMN from steamrolling with high-power attacks, and also prevent faster PKMN from being nigh-untouchable with mid-power attacks.
Adjusted the hard-cap for Grazing damage multipliers. It now ranges between 10% and 90%, changed from 15% and 85%. It now takes a speed difference of 10 or more to reach this cap.
PvE challenges will no longer spawn while PMDiscord is scheduled to shutdown.
Warning messages are now sent when a Party is started or joined while PMDiscord is scheduled to shutdown.
When two or more Environment Objects are present in a battle, Engaged PKMN now show in-between them, instead of having all the objects be shoved to the bottom.
Very slightly decreased PvE spawn rates.
Fixed a bug where some varying-power Moves would be weaker than intended when used as a Counter.
Patch Notes: Alpha 0.08a
Squashed the battle report messages for less scrolling.
Fixed the attack order during turns. Moves should now happen in the order that they were sent to the bot, with Status Moves taking priority.
Various other tweaks.
Increased the base percent for Engaging targets to 30%, up from 25%. This should help keep Melee attackers relevant again.
Attempting to Engage on an opponent the turn they Retreat, now has a -40% chance. This was at -50% last patch, and -30% in all patches before.
The Speed stat’s influence on Graze Damage has been reduced by 10%. The hard-cap remains the same.
The Health stat has been globally reduced by 1 again. I felt it is no longer needed with the Grazing changes last patch.
Protect and Detect now freeze the user’s other cooldowns on the turn they are used.
The Freeze status condition now gives 3 Melee and Ranged Defense, up from 2. The chances of thawing from Freezing have been adjusted, and now increases faster over time.
The Sleep status now always causes a PKMN to sleep for at least 1 turn, up to a maximum of 3. Damaging a Sleeping unit will guarantee that they awaken next turn.
Health-draining moves now round the healing amount normally, instead of always rounding down.
Dream Eater now acts like other health-draining moves.
Stockpile now correctly gives -1 Speed on each Stockpile after the first. (This is originally a pre-release nerf, which is necessary because the stats from Stockpile take a long time to decay.)
Fixed a bug where Poison- and Steel-type PKMN were not immune to Toxic.
Fixed a bug where the Confuse status could wear off on the same turn it was inflicted.
Fixed a bug where Flatter would raise the target’s Ranged Attack +22 instead of +3. Seriously. >_>
Fixed a bug where Fainted PKMN could still use their Moves on the turn they Fainted.
Patch Notes: Alpha 0.08b
Parties have been restricted to 4-a-side, instead of 5-a-side. Sorry to the few players that loved scrolling 5 yards down the channel each turn.
The ]dex command now displays alternate forms for some Gen 1-6 PKMN forms which were missing before.
The turn order has been adjusted again: Status Moves now always happen before Melee and Ranged moves, no matter what order they were inputted.
“20 PP” Moves now have a Cooldown of 2, up from 1.
The Freeze status has been adjusted to thaw faster on average, again. It now should always last between 1 and 4 turns.
The Burn status now gives -2 Melee Attack, -1 Ranged Attack; Changed from -3 Melee Attack, +-0 Ranged Attack.
The Paralyze status now gives -2 Speed; Changed from -3 Speed.
Fixed a bug where sometimes Engage chances would not be calculated at all. This happened most often when an attack had over half its damage Countered.
Fixed a bug where Synchronoise would deal damage to targets without a matching type.
Fixed a server-side error where the bot would error if sent an ]accept command on a channel with no active PvE Challenges.
Other minor tweaks and fixes.
Patch Notes: Alpha 0.08c
Due to an error last patch, PKMN health has been corrected, and globally decreased by 5. This applies to CPUs as well.
Added a small pause at the start of Decision and Retaliation Phases, which should lessen the chance of commands being eaten or accepted unintentionally.

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