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Patch Notes: Alpha 0.07

PMDiscord now supports multiple PvE channels, up to 5.
Note that having more channels will not increase spawn rates unless you have a sufficient number of players active! One or two channels are enough for most servers’ needs. I recommend 1 channel for every 4 active players at most.
PvE channel renaming is not supported yet. At current, each PvE channel’s name must start with pmdiscord-pve. Renamed PvE channels shall come in a later patch.
New command:]compactmoves (or ]cm) Shows your Moveset on a single line of text in battle, so you don’t need to keep scrolling.
You no longer have to type a full Move’s name to use them during battles. If you have the move ]quickattack for example, typing ]quic should register.
Stat point distribution has been reworked. Your level-up stat points will now fill your lowest stat points first. People who had already reached level 10+ may find their PKMN’s stats to be adjusted. Now you don’t need to be a Melee PKMN to be on even grounds.
Health-draining attacks now heal 25% of the damage dealt, down from 50%.
Counters will now always reduce damage by at least 1 point.
In team battles, battle images are now sent during the Retaliation Phase. Hopefully the bot can keep up with the new load.
Maximum Passive EXP gain has been slightly reduced. Most players never reach the cap, so it’s been adjusted for the few people that do.
Rebalanced the ‘winstreak’ difficulty curve on PvE spawns. It’s a bit fishy at times, but pairings should still be varied after a few wins.
Challenge Enemies now have moderately increased stats when they are at a numbers disadvantage. PKMN can no longer Counter while Asleep, Frozen or Recharging (e.g. after using a Hyper Beam). The reported damage of Multi-hit attacks is now distributed more randomly. (The total damage remains the same.)
Fixed a bug where only bot commands would count as ‘guild activity’ for PvE spawns.
In light of this, spawn frequency has been reduced considerably. There may be another quick patch as I find a good balance.
Fixed a bug where failed Intercept attempts were not reported properly.
Fixed a bug where environment objects could dodge incoming attacks. Fixed a bug that allowed PKMN to Counter while Sleeping, Frozen or Recharging.
Fixed a bug where ]m-close did not work correctly for server Owners.
Attempted to fix the bug which very rarely locks players out of their accounts. Be sure to report it if you see the bug crop up again. I’ll gladly offer a small XP reward for anyone who stumbles upon a lead.
Patch Notes: Alpha 0.07a
Adjusted spawn rates. They should now be more frequent in both smaller and larger servers.
PvE spawns now wait around for 10 minutes, up from 5. In the last patch it was reduced from 15.
Adjusted the difficulty spread of PvE spawns.
PKMN can no longer use ‘Explosion’ or ‘Self-Destruct’ as a counter. Because that’s just silly.
Fixed a bug where moves that had overlapping names could not be used. (e.g. the move ‘Thunder Wave’ prevented the move ‘Thunder’ from being selected.)
A few other various fixes.
Patch Notes: Alpha 0.07b
After many valiant fights, the Magikarp’s rage has been quelled… for now.
There is now a waiting time after completing PvE battles. This is to allow other players a chance to cycle in when a new PvE challenge spawns.
Added new shortcut commands for ]pkmndex and ]movedex: ]pd and ]md.
“Hard” CPUs are now level 50, up from 40.
“Normal” CPUs are now level 10, up from 5.
PvE Challenge CPUs now have even more inflated stats in 2v1, 3v2 and 3v1 scenarios.
AI ‘smartness’ adjusted to be more consistent.
Fixed a bug where sometimes PKMN could engage their own teammates.
Bot-side ‘logins’ are slightly more stable. Fingers crossed.
Various minor fixes and tweaks.
Patch Notes: Alpha 0.07c
(Possibly) fixed a bug where CPUs would often focus-target the first PKMN in a team.
Wing Attack has had its power reduced to 5, down from 6.

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