Patch NotesPatch Notes: Alpha 0.06

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.06

]profile can now be used to check other players’ profiles. Simply type their display name, full username, or @mention them after the command.
New command: ]pkmn usenickname lets you toggle between your PKMN’s nickname and species name. Just like ]hatch promised. More PKMN options are on the way.
Level-up notifications are back from their unexpected absence. During battles, @Mentions are now sent outside of embed messages if embeds are enabled. You’re welcome, mobile users.
PKMN Health has been globally increased by 1.
The second-turn team of a PvP battle now starts with +3 HP, up from +2.
Slightly nerfed EXP payouts at higher Challenge Battle difficulties. A few people’s exp counts were multiplying like rabbits.
Fixed some server-end issues, some commands should run smoother as a result. This has hopefully fixed the dreaded lockout bug, as well.
Adjusted message reporting for Challenge victories and certain Moves.
*]mysterygift is still inactive for the time being. A hotfix for this will be coming asap.
Alpha 0.06a
Fixed a bug which allowed players to earn more passive EXP than they should.
Fixed a bug where sometimes you could Hide behind a fainted ally indefinitely. It was as morbid as it sounds.
Recoil Damage is now rounded up instead of rounded down.
Fixed a bug where Poison and Toxic could stack for 5 damage per turn. It now intentionally stacks for 4 damage per turn.
Melee/Ranged Moves which increase the user’s stats, no longer prevent stat boost decay. Some of you know exactly what this means.
Melee/Ranged Moves which decrease the user’s stats are now more severe. (-3 reductions are still -3. -4 reductions are now -5.)
Self-Healing moves now heal +7 HP, down from +8 HP.
CPU AI tweaked to be slightly more aggressive.
Hard CPUs are now level 40, up from 30. Improved the effectiveness of Double Type Resistances and Double Type Weaknesses.
Alpha 0.06b
Mystery Gifts are back. If you’ve voted for the bot on DiscordBots, type ]mysterygift to claim your loot. Thank you greatly!
Fixed a possible bot-crashing bug caused when players abandoned matches. Abandoned player PKMN in matches now automatically have their turns skipped.
May or may not have fixed a bug which caused users to be locked out of commands.
Alpha 0.06c
Fixed a major bug that prevented new players from hatching PKMN.

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