Patch NotesPatch Notes: Alpha 0.04

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.04

  • Levels and EXP are finally here. Earn EXP by chatting in any server that PMDiscord is on. Get PMDiscord on more of your servers and you’ll naturally level up faster! Fighting random encounters rewards EXP as well as Credits now.
  • PKMN gain stats up until reaching level 50. I have an idea in mind for what to give level 100 players, but you’ll have to wait and see.
  • Spamming commands/messages won’t get you more EXP. Leave it in the background and use Discord naturally for best results.
  • New command: ]mysterygift. This replaces the old ]daily command. Vote for PMDiscord and you’ll be able to gain an EXP and Credits bonus once per day.
  • New command: ]hasvoted. If you really can’t wait to see if a vote has sent through, ]hasvoted has your back. And your vote.
  • New command: ]notifications. Not everyone likes level-up messages, so use this to turn them off.
  • Level-ups are announced in chatrooms with a Reaction from the bot. No messages, no spam. You can turn these off with ]notifications too, or by just preventing the bot from sending them.
  • Basic tutorial added for new players, which walks them through their first battle. Existing players won’t be able to try it out, yet, just invite a friend if you’re curious.
  • Environment objects now have more health. You guys were breaking those cardboard boxes way too easily.
  • Lowered spawn rates for servers with low activity.
  • Clearer tooltips, and less DMs.
  • A million bug-types removed.

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