Month: March 2018

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.06

Argon March 28, 2018 Patch Notes

]profile can now be used to check other players’ profiles. Simply type their display name, full username, or @mention them after the command. New command: ]pkmn usenickname lets you toggle between your PKMN’s nickname and species name. Just like ]hatch promised. More PKMN options are on the way. Level-up notifications are back from their unexpected […]

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.05

Argon March 26, 2018 Patch Notes

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.05 -Default Movesets have been improved. With this change, the game’s ‘Hard CPUs’ are now also more challenging than ever. -Added a few various Moves which were missing before, bringing the total to 355. -Fixed a couple errors when adding Legendary PKMN as Party CPUs. (Yes, you can do that!) -Fixed a […]

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.04

Argon March 25, 2018 Patch Notes

Levels and EXP are finally here. Earn EXP by chatting in any server that PMDiscord is on. Get PMDiscord on more of your servers and you’ll naturally level up faster! Fighting random encounters rewards EXP as well as Credits now. PKMN gain stats up until reaching level 50. I have an idea in mind for […]

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.03

Argon March 23, 2018 Patch Notes

Fixed a major bug which prevented non-evolved PKMN from changing their movesets. New command: ]profile. You can now see your own PKMN’s stats without having to start a battle first! This is also the first step towards including a Level-Up system into PMDiscord. EXP can’t be earned yet, but you will be able to in […]

Patch Notes: Alpha 0.02

Argon March 22, 2018 Patch Notes

The PMDiscord Official Discord server is now live. It’s a little empty at the time of writing! Come be one of the OGs. A handful of utility commands were added: ]discord , ]website , ]vote . They all do what you would expect them to do. Minor tweaks and fixes.

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